Sonos Arc shortage...when will you have stocks for you and your resellers in France?

Dear Sonos, I ordered a Sonos Arc to a local French Reseller end of may 2021, and it seems there is no date on delivery... and on the Sonos French site you  mention minimum early July for a purchase on your site. What is happening on the production of ARCs ? Why so long delays? How can you help? I sold my beam and now my home theater with my ones and sub is no more working... 

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I would guess that Sonos, along with many other companies out there, is being affected by the world wide chip shortage. 

Ok… then Sonos should communicate on it… other vendors in the IT does it. Lack of communication is the worst approach. It creates frustration… then fear…then anger… then Darth  Vader…

Agreed, no one wants Darth Vader.

And I’d like them to be more open about it, but I suspect they’re never going to be at a place where they can provide a date, either, since they don’t control shipping delays, etc. My suspicion is they’re as frustrated as you are, since they have a potential customer who is willing to give them money, but can’t yet.  No one wins here.