Sonos and Spotify

  • 8 January 2020
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Hello, I have been a Sonos fan for many years. I have a home set up with Sonos and I primarily use Pandora as my music service. I recently bought a 2nd home in the country of Colombia. I have set it up with Sonos equipment as well. I have mostly Sonos connects, Sonos connect amps that feed hardwired speakers. I have a couple play bars and a play1. Since Pandora is not available in Colombia I switched to Spotify as my primary music service. I am in a rural area of Colombia and the  internet service I have is very spotty and many times non existent. I discovered because of DRM protected data rights I am not able to play Spotify in offline mode to Sonos. I am able to play in offline mode with a line in cable directly to one of my amps.

I have been reading about the Sonos Play OneSL. Would this be a solution for me to be able to play music offline on my apple device and then cast it via bluetooth onto the Sonos play One SL and thus onto the Sonos system? Without internet!.

2 replies

It might be. Your comment “without internet” concerns me. How would you get your music from your phone to the Sonos One SL? Without a local LAN for AirPlay 2 to connect to, you would have to use the headphone jack on your phone, and connect it to a Sonos device with an analog in.

If you do have a router in your location that you would be connecting your phone and the Sonos One SL to, you’d just need to be sure your iPhone was new enough to run AirPlay 2, and you should be fine. I frequently send my podcast player to my Sonos using AirPlay 2, it works just fine.

 Thanks for your reply. Spotify has the feature that allows you to play their music off-line. This works great when I am playing music on my  iPhone or iPad. This works well when I do not have Internet. The problem is I want to be able to cast the music into the Sonos system. Currently I am not able to cast into the Sonos system without having Internet because of DRM rights.  I have a strong Wi-Fi network in the house, but like I said my Internet is frequently out and I want to be able to play music when it is out. 

 I want to be able to play Spotify music off-line on one of my Apple devices and then cast it to another device which would put it into the Sonos system. I think that I can do that with the sonos play one SL, but thought I would post my question to be sure before I made the purchase. Thank you