Sonos Amp to Denon Receiver

  • 23 June 2019
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Looking for some advice...

I have a Denon x4100w running my surround in living room. It also has a turntable.

I have 2 Sonos Ones in my kitchen

And 2 passive speakers in the kitchen ceiling.

And 2 Klipsch Outdoor speakers.

I was thinking of getting a Sonos Amp to run the passive speakers outside and in the Kitchen. Everything is currently hooked up the the Denon bit the Zones are kinda painful to deal with.

Is there any way to keep my living room powered by the Denon, but also have that managed by the sonos?

Thanks for any help. Hopefully my description isn’t fully confusing.

2 replies

Thanks! I actually posted another question before I saw your reply. About running Mono and using balance, but wasn’t sure that would work.

Do you mind sharing a bit about speaker controller? I’m totally in the dark. I would generally just want to turn one set totally off if I was using the other.
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You might look at a Connect (not Amp) to get Sonos into and out of your Denon.

Adding the Amp will solve the issues with the outdoor and Kitchen speakers as long as you want both to play at the same volume and time. If you don't then you'll want a speaker controller between them and the Amp.