Sonos Amp to control Sonos Beam + 2 Sonos One (Surround) + Passive Speakers

  • 13 July 2020
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Dear Sonos Community

Need your help. I have scanned the forum but cant find a precise answer.

I have a Sonos BEAM and 2 Sonos One (for surround sound) and the Sonos Beam is attached to the TV. It is a great setup. However I have two passive B&W 685s speakers which have become redundant. I actually link a Google Home to the Cambridge Audio amplifier which connects to two B&W 685s so that i can play the news. Just to keep them around.

Now there is Sonos AMP. If I replace the Cambridge Audio amplifier with the Sonos AMP, I dont need the Sonos Beam because the two B&W 685s will replace Sonos Beam with that virtual central speaker. I can repurpose the Sonos Beam for my PC setup but that is like an overkill.


  1. Can i have the best of both worlds? The TV setup can use the Sonos Beam and the B&W 685s and the Sonos One (as surround). I have a feeling that it cant be done. This will be a 5.0 configuration.
  2. For TV use the Beam+Sonos One configuration. For music use the Amp+B&W 685. But that is not much an integration as i merely replace my classic Cambridge Audio amp with a Sonos Amp. It is almost superfluous. 
  3. Can connect PC soundcard to Sonos Amp? I suppose using a Y audio cable. If the Amp is connected to the TV, it uses the single HDMI port on the Sonos AMP and that leaves the RCA port which i intended to link my turnable. Cant have it all.
  4. How do I connect Google Home to Sonos Amp? 

Bottomline - Should i get a Sonos Amp in my circumstances? The geek in me want to Sonos everything (“the ring that rules them all) but I have this nagging feeling I am spending money unnecessarily. Any advice from the experts and Sonos fans will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



3 replies

  1. No, the Beam can not be used only as a center speaker.
  2. This is actually the way I would go, you could then group the two ‘rooms’ in the Sonos software and get music out of all speakers. Not really a question, though.
  3. Yes, you’ve answered your own question. Be careful to note that the HDMI port is an ARC input, and not a standard HDMI input. Most sound cards (all that I’m aware of) do not output an ARC signal.
  4. Not sure. What do you use Google’s speaker for that you can’t use the Google speaker to control the Sonos to play?
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For question 2: if it is important to you to get Sonos to your B&W's, why not connect a Port to the Cambridge amp?

Hi Bruce

yeah I did mix the musing with question. Thanks for the tip about two rooms!


Hi 106rallye

why didn’t I think of that!! Let me do more research. Thanks!