Sonos Amp or Sonos Port

  • 26 August 2020
  • 6 replies

Hey guys.. 

After some advice.

I’ve got a lounge set up consisting of the play bar, sub and two sonos ones 

I’ve also got a kitchen set up consisting of two sonos play 5 gen 2’s and a sonos one

I want to be able to connect in a DJ controller to play on every speaker throughout the house, and a TV intermittently from the same place in the KITCHEN. 

Which product do i require?

Thanks in advance.

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6 replies

The normal advice on here is forget DJing on Sonos, because of the deliberate lag to allow perfect multiroom sync.  I don’t speak from experience.

I mix in the headphones, so delay wouldnt be an issue.. Which would be best, the port or the amp?

Either will give you a line-in.  But as you already have two Play:5s with lines in, I am not clear why you would need anything more. What extra do you think the Amp or Port would give you?

Because all my speakers are wall mounted high level the other side of the room.

So i need a device to connect to them.

The Port is the cheaper.  Unless you are planning to buy a pair of passive speakers to go with the Amp, the extra cost over the Port would give you nothing.

A pre-owned gen 2 Connect would be just as good as a Port for your purposes.

I normally suggest that people consider buying a Five to get a line-in, because it isn’t much more than a Port and you get a great speaker.  That may not be so suitable here.  A gen 2 Play:5 is still worth considering.  A Port is a heck of a lot of money just to get a connection. Maybe sell the One and get a Play:5?  Just ideas.