Sonos AMP + Apple TV 4K + Epson Projector

  • 5 September 2019
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Hi everyone,

Longtime lurker here on the boards, and fairly new to the world of Sonos (have a few Beams around the house).

I'm currently designing a fairly minimalist home theatre room (my wife doesn't want any highly visible speaker gear), and have chosen to go with the Sonos Architectural speakers, an AMP, and a Sonos Sub. I was planning to use one set of in-ceiling speakers as the rears, a set of in-wall flanking the screen as the front, and then the paired Sub to deliver a 4.1 system.

We're only ever going to be connecting a single video source to our projector, which is an Apply TV 4K, and the projector is an Epson 5050UB (no HDMI-ARC, no Optical Out). Due to some port limitations, it's my understanding that I'll need to use an HDMI splitter to get everything connected, but I wanted to make sure I was actually thinking this through properly, and wasn't missing something critical:

Apple TV 4K (HDMI out) to HDMI Splitter to:
Splitter HDMI Out #1: Projector
Splitter HDMI Out #2: Sonos AMP (Speaker Pairs + wireless sub)

Does this make sense, or should I be going about this a different way?



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