Sonos Amp and in ceilng speakers

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Hey guys, curious to hear some opinions on a setup that I am putting together.

The sonos amp runs at 125 W per channel at 8 ohms. The documents say running speakers in parallel is acceptable if they are 8 ohms each thus keeping the effective circuit at or above 4 ohms

For one of the Amps I was planning to use 2 speaker pairs wired in parallel however there specs are:

10-100W per channel/rated 4 to 8 ohms
50W IEC continuous power
handling; rated 6 ohms

Do you think that the 3 ohm load (6*1/2 since ran in parallel) is going to be too small for the amp to safely run?

I have heard that the new sonance/Sonos ceiling speakers are 8 ohms each. I have also heard that Sonos states 3 pairs of them can run off of one Sonos amp. So three of those in parallel would be lower impedence than the setup I am proposing.

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