Sonos Amp 5 built in ceiling speakers

  • 24 September 2019
  • 4 replies


I have 5 built in ceiling speakers and would like to know if I can connect them to a Sonos Amp? Would this be sufficient?


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4 replies

No, that's not going to work. In the interest of trying to find the right solution for you, what are you trying to do with these speakers? 5 speakers for a HT setup? 2 pairs of stereo speakers and a mono speaker? 5 mono speakers? Are the speakers in different rooms where you might want separate volume control and maybe playing different audio sources?
I have them in 3 different rooms, 2 set in living room, 2 set in dining room and 1 in kitchen. Just want to connect them to an amplifier.
The cheapest thing you could do is get a Sonos Amp and speaker switch that can control 5 or more speakers. Then set the Sonos amp to mono. The swtich will do impediance matching to make sure you don't damage your amp.

You may want to check and see if you're kitchen speaker is a stereo speaker, covering left and right channels by itself. if it has 4 wires instead of the normal two. If that's the case then you could connect all the speakers to a switch and leave the amp in stereo.

Beyond that, you can connect your two pair of speakers to a single Sonos amp without a switch, assuming they are 8ohm. For the kitchen, you could just leave it unconnected or get a separate amp.
thank you! Will do!