Sonos 51 options

  • 19 August 2020
  • 2 replies

I am in an environment where having components in the middle is not possible. With a Beam 5.1 system the Beam would need to be to the right under the TV. To play music in 5.1 would it be possible to have four One speakers on stands in the four corners with the Beam and sub to the side. The Beam would serve to control the speakers.  Would this be the best way? Thanks from a rookie!

2 replies

I’m not quite sure I follow what you’re trying to do here. When using the beam  for a 5.1 home theatre room, you’re going to have the beam, sub, and then 2 speakers in the rear behind seating area.  That will give you dolby digital 5.1 capabilities.  You can use this same setup for music, with the option of having the stereo audio coming from the beam+sub only, or having the rear speakers play stereo.  

If you didn’t want to use that home theatre setup for music, then you could setup a 2nd sonos room that happens to be in the same physical room.  That 2nd room isn’t controlled by the Beam, it’s a separate room.  The two rooms can play music together in sync.  

However, you said you want to use 4 speakers, one in each corner.  Sonos only supports a stereo pair for non-home theatre rooms, so you can’t setup a Sonos room made up of 4 speakers like that.  You would to setup yet a 3rd Sonos room.  So you would have a home theatre setup, and 2 stereo pairs, that can play music together or separately as you wish.    

This is all overkill.  I’d recommend getting the Beam home theatre setup first and see how you like it for TV and music.  If it works for you, then your done.  If not, then I would look at getting a pair of Fives rather than 2 pairs of Sonos Ones.  

Thank you!