Sonos 4-Channel Speaker Selector

  • 18 September 2017
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I have four 100watt 8-Ohm speakers that I would like to run off my Sonos Connect Amp. I have already run two off each channel & everything works/sounds great.

However, If speakers are in separate rooms, can I add a 4-channel speaker selector to my Connect amp and control them per one of the 3 options below. (btw This switch can support up to 70 watts per channel with the protection circuit enabled or up to 140 watts per channel without the protection circuit in place)

I only intend to run 4 speakers off this 4-channel speaker selector. Which options below will work?

1. Use Channel A: (R+,R-) (L+,L-) & Channel B: (R+,R-)(L+,L-) for a total of 2 Channels, 4 speakers.
2. Use Channel A: (R+,R-), Channel B: (L+,L-), Channel C: (R+,R-), & Channel D:(L+,L-) for a total of 4 Channels, 4 speakers.
3. Turn all speakers into individual mono-speakers (good for single speaker rooms) by Using Channel A: (R+,L-), Channel B: (R+,L-), Channel C: (R+,L-), & Channel D:(R+,L-) for a total of 4 Channels, 4 speakers (but Mono Bridged).

Will any (or all) of these options work? Thanks

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