Sones One Pair add Beam for music ?

  • 15 March 2019
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Hey guys,

Since I currently own a pair of Sonos One speakers I wonder if a Beam will truly enhance the music experience.

Because I already own an OK soundbar with subwoofer from Samsung (Sonos Sub sooo expensive.....) I don't really need a new soundbar.. unless it truly enhances my music when paired with the Sonos Ones.

Ofcourse I will also enjoy 5.0 sound for movies with the beam but that's not enough for me to ditch the current 2.1 soundbar..

Many thanks in advance, especially from people who own both and can judge by experience!!

Btw, when will Sonos release a cheaper subwoofer...?

Greetz Nadian

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1 reply

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Hi Nadian

First of all know that the Alexa feature in the Sonos One's will be disengaged when bonded to a Beam as it does all the Alexa stuff. BTW the Beam also supports Airplay2. One other feature offered by the Beam is HDMI_ARC to control your TV assuming your TV has HDMI_ARC support as well.

Regarding music enhancement it's a double edge sword. When Sonos speakers are used as surrounds you have a choice to have them function as ambient speakers or full range speakers when playing music. The switch from surround mode to music mode is automatic.

When in music mode the surrounds as full range speakers places the listener in a surround environment meaning you'll have the Beam upfront and the surrounds on either side or slightly to the rear depending upon their positioning. If you are a more traditional listener of music with two speakers upfront then adding a Beam may not be the way to go.

You could purchase the Beam from a retailer with a liberal return policy and try it for yourself. The proof is in the listening :)

Sonos doesn't share plans regarding future product development. We all have to wait until it's announced or a retailer puts it on the shelf before the official release as was done with the Sonos One(Gen2) 😉

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