Some advice on TV purchase for sound. Anyone with LG/WebOS?

  • 8 November 2017
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I know it's been discussed everywhere but here are so many posts (my own included) it's so hard to find a definitive answer.

Does anyone have experience with LG TVs and Sonos Playbar? I am looking at purchasing and new TV - I have problems with my old t at the moment passing through DD without a huge delay. I am looking at this model
From reading online it appears passing rhough DD form my xbox one and Sky TV box won't be an issue hopefully and f there is any sort of audio delay it's one of the only TVs that allows moving the audio sync in the - position not just + so that should help.
I would like to be able to enjoy netflix 4k content though on the WebOS internal app, I believe netflix send audio in DD+ which doesn't work on optical... Do these TVs downgrade it DD if selected in the settings? or will I just get stereo sound? I also use plex frequently which I have seen online that shouldn't be an issue. Finding the answer to netflix is difficult without taking the TV home o try!

Trying to find a TV that'll transcode DD 5.1 for internal apps and pass through HDMI without having to buy switched etc isn't simple! LG so far is in the lead I think.

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