Simplest of all set ups

  • 20 August 2019
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I have what I believe is going to be a very straightforward set up and would appreciate some advice on what to purchase.

I live in the UK. My router is located in a bedroom upstairs. I also have an existing stereo hifi system (CXA60 Amplifier with speakers hard wired) in my living room downstairs.

I would like the following:-

A small speaker in the same bedroom as the router
My hifi system in my living room added to the system
A small speaker in my separate dining room which is also downstairs

I am not looking to integrate any more complex features at this stage.

I thought this would be a simple set up but for some reason I am getting completely different advice on what components to purchase from the various UK outlets. Can the community please advise me on what I need to purchase for this system.

Many thanks


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1 reply

Options are:

For the current HiFi - Sonos Connect

For the small speakers:

Ikea Symphonisk Bookshelf
Pros - Least expensive at $99, Airplay compatible
Cons - Sound quality not as good as other options, no built-in Voice Control

Ikea Symphonisk Lamp
Pros - You get a lamp, sounds better than bookshelf, Airplay compatible
Cons - No built-in Voice Control

Sonos Play:1
Pros - Cost $150, sounds better than above
Cons - No built-in Voice Control, no Airplay

Sonos One
Pros - Sounds better, built-in Voice Control, Airplay compatible
Cons - Most expensive at $199