Should I get the Vinyl pro set and a one, or should I get a connect?

  • 18 June 2019
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I'm planning my new apartment, and I'm having trouble settling on a sound system. I've decided I want sonos, I'm just having trouble deciding what setup would work best. I want to be able to stream music, connect to my TV for movies/gaming, and connect to my record player. I plan on getting the Pro Ject Essential III, so the decision comes in how to connect it to a system. Would I be better off getting the Vinyl Pro package (two play:5 speakers) and a sonos one (I want the voice enabled features), or should I get a sonos beam, a couple play ones, and a connect?

What would give me the best sound? Do the setups I came up with make any sense? I need help!

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1 reply

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Is the focus to be music or TV?

If music, and this will be your only audio equipment (meaning no receiver or amplifier with passive speakers around to take real advantage of the Connect's capabilities), then a pair of Play 5's will likely be the best choice from those you listed.

If TV, then the Beam is the way to go, as it's made for that application, and since it's an apartment, wall rattling sound levels probably aren't needed anyway.