Setup for music and TV in livingroom - Soundbar+Sub & Turntable

  • 3 August 2019
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I'm currently looking to get a Sonos soundbar + Sub to my TV and livingroom, where I also have a Connect + Turntable. And in another room a Play:1.

And I'm kinda lost between which of the soundbars that Sonos offers is the best option for me.
I did find this post here: but I'm still not sure. At least I'm thinking not to get the beam based on a comment that it's intended for smaller rooms, is that correct?

Either way, I'm interested in hearing opinions on which soundbar to get. I'm also probably going to get two Ones and have a surround setup.

What are your opinions as to which soundbar to get?


Edit: Main reason for asking: There's two package deals for Sonos Surround that have the same cost, both have Sub + 2x One and then either Playbar or Playbase. Or the Beam for a slightly lower price

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1 reply

While it's the oldest of the soundbars, I still like the PLAYBAR. While it doesn't have AirPlay 2, or super nifty capacitive buttons, I think it provides a better "wide" sound field, and when bonded with a SUB, is just extraordinary.

I may be prejudiced. I've got two of them. 🙂