Setting up home speakers

  • 28 July 2019
  • 1 reply

I'm buying a home that has the Sonos speakers built into the ceiling and walls. The house also has two speakers outside, and some in the master bedroom/bathroom.

I've been researching and it looks like the Sonos Amp is amazing, but It also looks like I'd have to purchase 4 of them to control my whole house which looks extremely pricey. Is there any other option to control these?

It also looks like the Sonos Amp is only 2.1 and not 5.1. Any help would be amazing.

Thank you

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1 reply

What kind of Sonos speakers are built in? Sonos makes the PLAY:1, Sonos One, PLAY:3 (discontinued), PLAY:5 (gen 1 discontinued, gen 2), PLAYBAR, PLAYBASE, and Beam, as well as the SUB.

Or maybe you have another companies speakers, that are powered by a CONNECT:AMP or Sonos Amp?

How are these speakers wired? Do they terminate in a closet somewhere? Is there already an amp that they're connected to?

A single Sonos Amp is 2.1, but if you add a second Sonos Amp, you can extend it to 4.1, but not 5.1.

What kind of help are you looking for?