Set up

  • 22 September 2020
  • 5 replies

Set up 2 Sonos Play 5(gen 2) and a Sub. Sound is amazing very happy. That said, I am curios if it was worth the extra $900 versus four ones and the sub.  

I have 14 days to exchange. Not willing to give up any integrity, but read not worth doing the setup the way I did. 



5 replies

You’re asking a purely subjective question, and are liable to get answers both ways. 

I was actually hoping someone tested sound output. Sonos has such great engineering, I thought system setups must of gone through some pretty robust spec testing regarding output. Would think that is how they figure out pricing. 

I’m likely going to keep it regardless, it sounds great. 

I would think from a music perspective this is the best setup, but I could not find any spec comparison based on configurations. 

I’ve got a similar set ups, but the whole ‘ I am curios (sic) if it was worth the extra $900 versus four ones and the sub’ is still subjective. I like both. Both set ups sound tremendous. I can’t judge whether one is worth $900 more or not. They’re in different rooms, and serve different purposes. 

I’ve got it in big room and it sounds awesome so I am going to keep it.  Will likely add the other set up to a smaller room. 



Love setup.

But….. back of my ears are not feeling that special magic. Question….. If I get two ones with the two fives and bass box does Sonos support “old school”, dual channel?   I am into teasing out subtitles in music and think that setup might do it if it’s supported.