Seeking speaker recommendations primarily for music

  • 17 March 2019
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Currently, I have a 2nd Gen Play 5 in our office. Very happy with it, but the Mrs is not the biggest fan of the aesthetics.

We're looking to add a couple more wireless speakers throughout the house and want to be able to control what plays where via the Sonos app. We're not married to Sonos specific speakers... from what it sounds like, a HomePod could be an option? We don't have a need for any voice controls (ie Alexa or Siri). Primary use will be for music, and the occasional podcast.

Current thinking:
Move the 2nd Gen Play 5 into our bedroom
Add a Play Beam and Sub to the office

The question is our Living/Dining/Kitchen area which is entirely open, 8' ceilings, perhaps 750 or so sqft. We have a cabinet (13.5" deep) that we were thinking of placing the speaker on top of. Aesthetically, the beam would fit the bill, but I'm worried that it won't have enough "oomph" to fill the room. A play base is probably a smidge too deep. The Mrs is not a fan of the playbar aesthetics, and I don't think I can sneak a sub in there either. Play 5 is a bit tall.

As a reference point, we had a JBL Authentics L8 in that area, and we were perfectly happy with its sound in that room, but JBL stopped manufacturing that speaker about a year or two ago (also wasn't Airplay 2).

Any other options for the living/dining/kitchen area? How under powered would a beam be? Would a homepod be better than the beam in that application.

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5 replies

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Play 1s or Sonos Ones and a Sub. Maybe the pretty colored Hay versions?

Sonos ceiling speakers and either a Connect Amp or the new Sonos Amp. Connect Amp will do 4, Sonos Amp will do 6 speakers.
A Play 1 would be better than the Play beam?

The footprint of the Beam is perfect. More curious if that size of a room would be too much for the Beam.
If you're only interested in music, than a pair of speakers (for stereo) is going to give you better sound than a single soundbar. The Beam is designed for small to medium rooms, so yes, it's likely to feel undersized in 750 sqft. So would a pair of play:1s or Sonos Ones, but you could add more pairs as you see fee. It's not ideal, but it's an option. Personally, I think you will want a pair of play:5s for a space that large.

Here's what I would do. Purchase of pair of Sonos Ones or Play:1s for the office. You can experiment a bit with that pair, trying it out in the living area and in the bedroom to see what you think in that space. That should give you an idea of whether you think smaller speakers are going to cut it for your purposes. If you find it doesn't work, that perhaps the wife will give in on the aesthitics a bit and be ok with a pair of play:5s.

You could also just wait until Sonos releases newer speakers that better fit your needs. Sonos has partnered with ikea for a new speaker, or line of speakers, that looks to me (my personal opinion only) to be a replacement for the play:3. Can't say for sure what it looks like, but it may be a good fit for your needs. More details are suppossed to be released April 9 for a release in August.
And the other option would be the in wall speakers, from Sonance, along with a Sonos Amp, which would likely pass the approval committee foe aesthetics, but might be touchy on budget.
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Click the link and scroll down and you'll see speaker housings for the Sonos One and Play 5. They are a bit on the expensive side IMO; but they will change the look of the speakers. The Hay speakers in different colors I don't believe are available any longer as they were limited editions. You've gotten the opinions on what will most likely work in your space so no need for me to rehash that info. Good luck to satisfy the Mrs. and improve your audio. Cheers!