• 7 May 2017
  • 1 reply

Hello - I wonder if anyone can help me? I wish to use a mix app on my windows pc to compile a playlist using a sonos account which will enable me to manually fade in and out tracks. I have found the djing app which is compatible with sonos but this cannot be used on the pc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

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1 reply

Hi Sancho, welcome to the community.

What is the app you are trying to use.

You can set Sonos to crossfade between tracks in the queue, see here :

If you want to actually mix between the tracks and keep the timing and beats in sync, you would need to create a mix as one track using some kind of sequencing software such as Albelton Live, then export the mix and you'd have one file that you could play within Sonos, but not as individual tracks. I doubt you can create playlists in a third party application with manual cross fades that will be readable by another application ( e.g. Sonos) as that manual crossfade information wouldn't be included in the playlist file being read by the other application (i.e. Sonos).

Do let us know how you get on.