• 4 August 2020
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Sonos is going in the wrong direction, using new S2 Software will make older versions of their product incompatible….

Butal!!  abandoning Sonos

4 replies

Apple abandoned their iPhone 1, I can’t run win10 on my ‘ black and white TV doesn’t handle Stereo, much less Atmos. Technology moves forward.

Sonos has provided S1 to maintain  older systems that can’t upgrade to S2. I’m at a loss to understand your angst here.

entitled to your opinion!….not good for the consumer, not good for the environment


going back to wired system so I can be sure everything will work when I want it to.

How is providing a version of the software to keep ‘older’ devices in service not good for the environment?

If you’d said this during the several weeks that Sonos required the bricking of the device when rephrasing in, I could see your point, but they reversed that policy long ago.

However, as you say, going to wired will give you the opportunity to not need devices that require occasional software updates. And, as you say, everyone is indeed entitled to an opinion. 

Environment? What are you talking about? All speakers are still usable.

You are of course entitled to use whatever technology you prefer.