Router Setup with Wired Sonos and Multiple other devices

  • 23 January 2017
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Hello, I'm building a new home and I would like to lay out my plans for my network setup with wired Sonos and some other devices and hoping you all can tell me if it will work, how i could improve it, and if i'm missing anything.

It is a ranch-style home (3800 sq ft) with a 3300 unfinished basement. I will be using 2 Apple Airport Extreme routers (maybe 3 if necessary) to help strengthen the wifi across the home. I will be wiring as many devices as I can directly to the router to decrease interference risk and increase reliability as recommended by several on this forum. I haven't bought anything yet so if you think my setup below would work best with certain brands/products please let me know

1) Living Room: Apple Airport Extreme (Primary Router), Smart TV, Sonos Playbar, Sonos Subwoofer, Connect Amp wired to 2 ceiling speakers in living room, Apple TV, DirecTV, Xbox.

2) Kitchen: Connect amp wired to ceiling speakers in the kitchen.

3) Master Bathroom: Connect Amp to Ceiling speakers.

4) Outside Deck area: Connect Amp (will be inside) wired to weather grade speakers (outside). I would wire 4 total speakers to the Connect Amp so that I would have 2 speakers at the outside deck area and then 2 speakers at the walkout basement level below this deck.

5) Office - 1 (maybe 2) play 1's

6) Covered Porch: Connect Amp (will be in Living Room) wired to weather grade ceiling speakers in covered porch

7) Eventually would expand Sonos system to unfinished basement, but that's way down the road.

So here is how I wire it:

In Living Room, in a bookshelf this is how I will directly wire with CAT6 cables:
Airport Extreme Router (primary) that has 4 LAN ports
1) Modem
2) Smart TV
3) DirecTV
4) Switch or Hub (I don't know what I need for my situation, I just know I need more ports so adding one of these seems like what I should do. What do you think, any any recommendations on brands or specs for switches or hubs?)

Switch or hub will be directly wired with CAT6 cables:
1) Playbar
2) Connect AMP to ceiling speakers
--connect AMP will also be directly connected to PLAYBAR via CAT6 cable
3) Subwoofer
--will use SONOSnet for this as it not be directly connected to PLAYBAR, because PLAYBAR only has 2 ports which I used for Connect AMP and to the switch/hub
5) Connect Amp to Covered Porch weather grade ceiling speakers
6) Office (if i end up getting two Play 1's then i will daisy chain these two together)
6) Another Airport Extreme on opposite side of house

In another room at opposite side of house:
Airport Extreme (the 2nd one) will be directly wired to:
1) Connect Amp to Kitchen ceiling speakers
2) Connect Amp to Master bathroom ceiling speakers
3) Connect Amp to outside Deck Area weather grade speakers
4) Open port to connect to a basement router when/if needed once basement finished

Any advice, tips, or tricks are greatly appreciated.

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