Room Size/Speakers Question

  • 25 November 2021
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Hi again.

I have an open plan living space that’s divided into two spaces separated by an open door arch. My aim is to have sound in both spaces, probably all linked.

The entire space is 38’ (feet) by 10.5’. The 38’ length, as described above, is divided into two rooms, one at 23’ long and another at 15’ long. The bigger room (23’ x 10.5’) has two shelves at the far end (the furthest point away from the joining door arch) and the smaller room has bookshelves at each end of a side wall (the 15’ one) a side wall. The shelves in both rooms are the obvious place for speakers. Hope this makes sense!!

I’d like to have a speaker or speakers in both rooms on the shelves described. I’m thinking of two x Ones in each space, giving stereo sound but am wondering if the two x Ones will fill the larger space (23’ x 10.5’). I guess the alternative is to have one or two 5s in the bigger space. 

What do people think would work best? I don’t think I can stretch to two 5s but could at a push. I don’t have natural space for a sub.

Any advice appreciated!


4 replies

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23 X 10.5 - Two Ones or One SLs will work. If you want something larger, you could go with two Moves. This option would also give you portability and some Bluetooth compatibility.

13 X 10.5 - Two Ones, two One SLs, or one Five should be sufficient.


Thanks GS. Gone with two Ones in The big space and two of the IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speakers for the wee one. I’ll add to that if need be.

hi @martyboy looks like you made a wise choice - I am using One SLs and Symfonisk for most of my rooms and perceive a better sound with multiple One’s in a room than using a Play:5


Thanks guys for all your feedback.