Replacing Connect:Amp in Home Theater

  • 21 June 2019
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Seeking advice! I have a Connect:Amp in my living room in 2.1. This is wired to Polk Monitor 60s as fronts and a Polk PSW505 woofer. I also own a Polk CS1 Center which is unused in my current setup.

I also own two Play:1s and a standard Connect.

I'd like to improve this setup to ideally get 5.1+. Airplay 2 support would be ideal as well.

Some options I've considered:

  • Buy the Beam and Sonos Sub, setup the Play:1s as rears. Kinda costly and worried about the quality of the Beam vs my floorstanding Polks...
  • Buy the new Amp, but be limited to 4.1
  • Buy a new AVR and use my Connect, sacrificing Airplay. I could also upgrade to Atmos... I'd want to find a solution where input would auto switch to the Sonos input, which might be hard to find?
I'm increasingly considering the AVR option... but I feel like these are all less than perfect choices?

Also, are my Polks even good enough to bother with them?

Thanks!!! 💖

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2 replies


I also have a pair of full range bookshelf speakers I could possibly use as rears with the Connect:AMP.

Running wires isn't a concern, either.
If you add an AVR, you could run an analog audio output to Line-In on CONNECT:AMP. This would allow stereo audio from the AVR to be shipped out to the SONOS system. I don't recommend attempting to use CONNECT:AMP to drive speakers in the AVR room because there are some latencies that will drive you crazy. You could use a CONNECT to bring SONOS audio to the AVR. Note that very few AVR's will convert a digital audio source to a stereo analog output. You can work around this in some cases if the source device has both analog and digital outputs. In this case you would make both connections to the AVR