Real World Usage of SONOS One's with 3.5 TV Audio Out

  • 11 March 2019
  • 3 replies

I was hoping to use a Connect with a pair of One's connected to the 3.5 headphone out on my kitchen TV. The speakers would also be used for music. According to the Sonos support folks, this setup is not advisable due to it being prone to delays / dropouts. They suggested using and Amp / Beam / Playbar / Playbase. This seems excessive $$$-wise for a kitchen since I am already paying close to $400 for the speakers themselves. Does anyone have any real-world experience with this type of setup?

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3 replies

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I've tried doing similar and had a poor experience, and wouldn't advice it. Others have had better luck. I'm not seeing why there is a big issue with the cost though, as the Connect is $350 and the Beam is $400. I'd get the Beam and move the Sonos Ones to another room, if it were me. (Assuming your TV has HDMI-ARC or optical output).
It's hard to argue with Danny on this. Tried this at one point, and the lack of an input on the Sonos Ones (I was using PLAY:1s, but essentially very similar) proved to make it impossible. And once I got a CONNECT, the delay made the lipsync issue unbearable for me. I ended up saving up enough money for a PLAYBAR (this was before the PLAYBASE and Beam) and used that. In the meantime, I kept my TV going through my Sony A/V receiver.
Thank you both. As Danny suggested the Beam is only around $50 more and gives me exactly what I want / need, although still spending more than one would think is necessary. 🙂