Product Recommendations

  • 30 June 2020
  • 1 reply

Hello all!

I have an older Sony turntable with RC jacks and am looking for recommendations on which Sonos product to get as I am building my theater system.  Obviously, I want something to use to be able to hear my vinyls but also I would like a component to pair with my TV (Samsung 65” - QLED 2018).  Currently, I have a Play One and a One.  What product would be best or would I need multiple to be able to hear vinyl as well as the TV?  Any recommendations would be appreciated!


1 reply

You'd need two products to satisfy these needs. For the TV, I’d recommend the Sonos Arc. For the turntable, you would want a device with an analog input on it, which could be a Sonos Five, or a Sonos Port. In all cases, the output from your turntable would need to be pre-amped. Some newer turntables have a pre-amp built in, older ones don’t, but pre-amps can be purchased cheaply pretty much everywhere.