Playbase vs Beam considering the sale price?

  • 8 January 2019
  • 1 reply

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I have been researching the Playbase vs Beam for a while now, and realised that the majority of the research I have done compares the Beam and Playbase at their full RRP prices, £400 and £700 respectively.

In this scenario many people say that for a small or medium room the Beam is a good option and may be the option go tfor when you consider the that it is nearly half the price of the Playbase.

However, currently I can find the Beam for £329 and Playbar for £500, bringing the prices much closer together.

In this scenario with the difference in price now so much closer is there still an argument for the Beam? Or is the Playbase now the clear winner?


1 reply

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If you haven't stated what features are most important to you, or where/how you intend to use those two products. Without that information, it's hard to say which speaker best fits your needs. If you plan on using it in 3x3 meter room, and voice control is important to you, then I'd say the Beam is the way to go regardless of price. Even then, it's hard to say how much the 150 price difference really means to you.


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