Playbase predominantly for music?

Hi all,

I’m new to Sonos (just got a Play:1), having used Airplay through amps and separate speakers for years. I’m impressed with the sound for such a small speaker. Long story short, for various reasons I can’t get separate speakers set up easily in my current living space, and the most convenient set-up in my long open-plan downstairs living space (~12m x 4m) would definitely be a Playbase at one end under the TV and the Play:1 at the other end in the kitchen. The dining room is in the middle, and with Trueplay the Play:1 is already projecting quite well into it. I don't currently have any soundbar/base for TV.

I listen to far more music than I watch TV, and I listen to practically every genre of music there is. I am not an “Audiophile” / AV “enthusiast” per se, but I'm not a total philistine and I do like to listen to and hear my music, rather than just have it as background noise.

My question is, how good is the Playbase for music and do you think the Playbase sound quality in the set up described is worth the cost of the Playbase? I guess I could just try the 100-day trial period, but I’d like some expert/enthusiast opinions first!



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The Playbase as with playbar has good sound. It just is not stereo imaging.

I like the sound of my playbar with music. But your not going to get that listening position experience. It going to be more spacial. Like running a receiver in Dolby pro logic Mode with music. You get a little surround in with the music. I like it, especially with the sub, but I’m not sure everyone does.

It’s worth a try. Otherwise some play:5s in that side would be really good.
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Music only maybe more Play1's and a Sub?.

I have a Playbar, Sub and 2 Play1's (5.1 setup), that was a big improvement on just the Playbar.

If you can arrange 2 Play 1's in usefull surround positions they can be put into "full music" mode, those with the Playbase would deffinitely fill the room and be excellent for TV as well.
@Chris @ Keithmac, thanks both - very helpful.


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