Playbar Purchased 2 weeks prior to Arc Announement

  • 12 June 2020
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So I purchased the Playbar approximately two weeks before the announcement of the Arc.  While waiting for shipment heard the news of a big announcement coming, so decided to just leave it in the shipping box and resist the temptation of opening it up.  Sure enough new soundbar was announced and i had a decision to make.


FF to this weekend i decided to initiate the RMA, but then the Arc Base issue popped on the forums.

What should I do, I still have until 7/30 to return?

  1. Dig into the Playbar and buy the Arc to test upon arrival, then return?
  2. Keep Playbar unopened until Arc Base issue sorted out by sonos? 
  3. Return Playbar and Wait for Arc delivery.

I don’t want to send back a used product if i don’t have to, maybe i should not care about that?

It is kind of a dumb question but, but curious what others would do. 

1 reply

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Hello @Raider_SPE,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your question. 

If I were you, I would set up and test the Playbar and then test it against the Arc when it arrives and make a call then.

Logistically, it would be easier to return the Playbar while unopened and new but since you have it you might as well make use of it.