PLAYBAR plus SUB plus 2 PLAY 5s vs PLAY 5s plus SUB

  • 20 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I have a play bar plus a sub plus 2 play 1s inside and it sounds great. I have a tv outside (but don't need the surround sound for tv, but I want the best sound outside. I have 2 play 5s outside ... Sound I just add a sub or should I add a player and a sub and use the play 5s as surround speakers?

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2 replies

sorry autocorrect!! add a playbar ....
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Question... when you say 'best sound' ... for the tv? Or for music? That said, I think you are asking if a sub will do it, or a sub plus a playbar... it seems obvious to me that you will get a stunning result if you go with both products and have a playbar plus 2 5s and a sub... but I think only you can determine if the extra player is really required... or I thesub really is needed in he environment. .... also, when you say 'outside' you don't mean 'outdoors' do you... if so how do you protect the units?