Playbar or Play5 for use for TV/microphone (karaoke)/listening to my streaming music

Hi! I am overwhelmed with the product offerings and don't know what configuration is best in my scenario. Can someone help? I would like something mainly for streaming my music and enjoying it, and also for singing karaoke at home, using youtube for the karaoke songs. I figure I need a microphone for that, obviously, but what's my best choice for these multiple needs? Playbar or Play5? I'm not even sure what the mic will hook up to--TV, Playbar, or Play5. Really confused...

I also plan to get a Play1 or Play3 for a bedroom. How do I decide which one?

Thank you in advance for advice!

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Only the digital input of the Playbar is going to give you a delay free input for the Karaoke. However, if you want the Karaoke through house on other units then they will be delayed from the Playbar

So there are definite limitations when it comes to Sonos and a live mic. needing delay free.

You would have to have something to have the TV input and combining Mic. input then output via toslink to the playbar. Not simple.
You need a proper karaoke machine, something designed for the purpose. Sonos isn't it.
Only the digital input of the Playbar is going to give you a delay free input for the Karaoke.
It's not delay-free. There's 30ms of latency. Clearly audible as an echo when combined with the original sound.
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Thanks for the spec ratty. Are the analog inputs about double that 70ms.
~30ms for PLAYBAR optical, ~70ms for analog Line-In. Here's the FAQ.
Hmm, OK, I didn't realize the implications of trying to set up a karaoke system with Sonos and my TV. Thanks. I think I'll skip karaoke config for now.

Since I'm not that concerned with surround sound, maybe I'll just opt for the Sonos Play:5 in the living room for good sound for streaming music, and the 1 or 3 in a bedroom.
For a great music system, a play 5 pair in stereo mode would be the way to go, to get room filling stereo. You can also use that for TV via the line in sockets on either 5, and while it will not be a full scale surround set up, the TV speaker sound will be much improved; remember to mute the TV speaker to not have the echo caused by the small sync delays. These delays aren't significant once the line in is set to uncompressed, but if they are, revert to the TV speakers; the 5 pair will still deliver on its main purpose.

I suggest a play 1 for the bedroom, unless it is so large than only a 5 will do the music justice. Alternatively, a 1 pair.


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