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So I have an old TV that I’m not yet ready to part with since the display is still great. I’d like to improve the sound, though, and I know that whatever the TV I choose, I’ll always need external speakers anyway so now’s a good time to get new speakers whatever the future brings !

So my problem is that my TV doesn’t have a TOSlink connector (Optical Out/In), but the Playbar requires such a connection to work. In fact, if I understand well, the Playbar has no other input but an Optical In.

So I’m wondering : can I use a Connect to plug the Analog audio output of my TV, then use the Digital audio out of the Connect to feed the Playbar ?

(I swear I tried to find an answer by myself ! I can’t believe no one asked this question before, however…)

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So I’m wondering : can I use a Connect to plug the Analog audio output of my TV, then use the Digital audio out of the Connect to feed the Playbar ?
It's technically feasible, but operationally a non-starter owing to the audio delay. An analog Line-In incurs a 70ms delay PLUS you'd then add the PLAYBAR's inherent 30ms delay. 100ms will destroy lip-sync with the TV picture.

You could ignore the PLAYBAR's digital input and simply have it play the CONNECT's Line-In directly, but the 70ms delay would still be an irritant.

Your best bet would be to use a simple, cheap Analog-Digital Converter between the TV and the PLAYBAR. This device shouldn't inject any audible delay at all. You'd then be left with the PLAYBAR's 30ms delay, which many users don't notice.
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Hi Pascal 007, welcome to the community.

There are a couple workarounds. Wiring a Sonos CONNECT via analog, and having the PLAYBAR was to the optical out of the CONNECT is an option. But please note that the analog audio will only be in stereo. You can add surround rear speakers as the PLAYBAR will simulate 5.1.
Also, you may have a little delay between the time you turn on the TV and the sound that comes out of the PLAYBAR. But the audio should be in sync with the video.
On the CONNECT, you will want to activate autoplay allowing the CONNECT to automatically send the audio to the PLAYBAR via the optical port.

There are also other options like using an optical audio converter. We have a couple threads about this you can read up on. (Recommendations on Optical Audio Switcher for Playbar?
Connecting the Playbar without an optical output on my TV)
While it may be possible to purchase and install an S/PDIF coax to optical audio output converter, this is not an officially supported configuration for PLAYBAR and we can’t ensure that this will always work. Here's an article with more information:
Using an Optical Audio Converter with the PLAYBAR.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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