Play5 vs Bose Soundtouch 30 lll.

Help me out here,I'm having issues convincing myself that the Play5 is better than Bose Soundtouch 30. The Bose seems louder and better at carrying mids and highs better at full volume.Bose has 6 presets useable so as not to have to use a peripheral all the time like Sonos. Bose has a remote and Blutooth,USB,AUX inputs. The Play you have to use a tablet or phone to access the system and to play any audio.the Play sounds great at 70 to 80% volume then drops off. Bose sounds great at all volumes dependent on bass levels. I'm trying to be patient in deciding which is best for my home. I don't need to add any more speakers because I have enough now. Any advice or friendly suggestions may help.

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It looks like you've checked every box you consider important in favor of the Bose, so you should likely go in that direction. As for still considering Sonos, think about these things (and I am not sure if/how they differ with Bose):

1) Do you plan future expansion, such as adding smaller speakers like a Play:1 to a bedroom or adding a Playbar/Sub to a family room? If so, what do you think of the Bose vs. Sonos offerings in those use cases?

2) Have you considered future support? Sonos has a great reputation for supporting products over many years and several iterations. Does Bose?

3) Are the extra connectivity options important to you, or are they being pointed out because they are there with Bose? I personally couldn't care less about BT/USB/Aux inputs for my use. And, I would stick a remote in the drawer the day I unboxed, and it would live there. I do like the Bose 6 preset buttons and wouldn't mind if Sonos speakers had those.

4) Have you tried the software for both, and if so, which do you prefer?

5) Does each support the audio services you want/need?
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Are you referring to the new or old play 5? The new play 5 doesn't have that issue. Also the look and design of the new play five looks a lot better than any Bose speaker.
So I was where you are ... and I was convinced I wanted the presets and remote, and BT. (BTW, I HATE BT, but is seems to be a necessary evil at times. BT sound is flat and bad. )

I picked Sonos for two reasons... 1 - the Play 5 (2nd gen) sounds fantastic. I don't think the soundtouch sounds better. 2 - They play in stereo. I bought 1 play 5 and was happy, when I bought the second play 5 and paired to stereo I lost my mind! Its fantastic. I had a party last weekend, everyone raved about the music and sound.

I still wish I had the other features... sometimes, but they are conveniences, when I want to listen to music, stereo music, Sonos is the way. I also have a connect and connect amp, the total combo is great.

My $.02


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