Play at 5.1 with Sonos One Surrounds - Questions before buying?

  • 23 November 2018
  • 3 replies

I am considering getting a Playbar surround system with the Ones as surround. A couple questions...

1.) will the Alexa feature work on the One’s if they are set up as surround? And if so will they talk to the playbar?

2.) if the One’s are set up as ambient surround when in a tv watching environment, do they change to even level automatically if in a music listening environment say from your phone?

3.) if you’re watching a movie and the WiFi goes offline does that mean you will have no surround?

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3 replies

1) No, the “bonding” process doesn’t allow them to work as Alexa enabled speakers in that configuration, they become “slaves” to the device they’re bonded to.

2) There are settings in the controller so you can set up both as separate levels. One for TV, one for music..

3j Not really. The surround speakers are joined to the Soundbar on a separate network created by the soundbar at 5ghz. Since the soundbar is hardwired to your TV with either HDMI or an optical cable, it won’t lose the signal, and consequently your surrounds wont, either.
Actually, the Alexa functions will work just fine. It is the Airplay 2 functionality that is not available.
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I have this setup and can confirm that Alexa does work paired as surrounds to Playbar but not Beam, and that AirPlay does not work in this setup.