Play 5 vs Sub

  • 31 August 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi there!

I have a playbase and two Ones in my living room. That set up has been great so far and, living in a New York apartment, has more than enough power to fill my space. But one thing was missing -- I wanted to connect a record player.

I recently went to a Sonos promotional event and was told my best bet was to pick up the Essentials III turntable and line in to a Play 5. I did that ... but I'm wondering if I might have been better just connecting the turntable to a sub? The Play 5 is nice, but given that I already have a Playbase and a pair of Ones, I'm not sure I really need an additional speaker.

Can anyone advise me on the pros and cons of keeping the 5 vs exchanging it for a sub?



2 replies

You can't connect the turntable to the SUB, it doesn't have an analog input like the PLAY:5 does.

Now, that being said, a SUB would be a good add, IMHO. I'm a fan of the ones I own.
Note that the Sub has another feature that is somewhat counter intuitive; it allows music to sound rich even at low volume levels by retaining a better bass presence - it is the absence of this that often makes music sound thin at low levels.

Unfortunately for you, the play 1 units don't have a line in jack for the turntable.

Another thought - do you really need a turntable? Unless you have a collection of rare LPs, it will be more of a conversation piece that, in your case, forces you to a get a Sonos unit you don't really need. If you did not have the need for a turntable, all you need for elevating sound quality to a noticeably higher level via Sub, is a Sub, in place of the 5.