Play 5 or Playbar with sub?

  • 2 October 2019
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So I'm moving into a new apartment in desember, and I am thinking of getting the sonos playbar and two sonos one sls. for the tv-area. Now I am wondering if I should get a Sonos sub to pair with the rest or if I should get a play 5 instead. I host parties once in a while so I need something that can fill my living room with music and also get pretty loud.

1 reply

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The playbar, Sonos One SLs, and sub can be bonded together to form a single room. The Play:5 can't. It can be grouped to play music in sync or play music separately, but it won't be bonded. With TV audio, grouping the play:5 with your bonded speakers will result in an echo effect as the Play:5 will lag slightly behind. Really, the Play:5 makes sense to use a different room in your apartment, but not in the same room with your other speakers.

So, I'd definitely recommend the sub over the play:5 for your scenario. That said, apartments typically have thin walls, and the sub will likely bother the neighbors when played at high volume. I would probably get the playbar + sonos one SLs first and add the Sub later if needed.