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  • 27 December 2016
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Hi, at the moment a have a play 5 (1st gen) and a play 1. My principle use is music which when using the P5 only in a 5 metres by 12 metres space is ok (but at the furthest end of the room I don't hear so much ( without annoying the neighbours)...the play 1 is just used in the bathroom.

Thinking laterally ( and with a bit of jealously) I'm thinking about getting 2nd gen P5 and another P1, therefore at one end of the room the P5 ( with optional line in from TV) and the other end, the two P1s in stereo pair grouped with the P5 (to add some depth in the space)....does this seem the best solution? ( the old P5 will be retired to another room).

At a later stage, when I have more cash or i move house, would two P5s (front) and two P1s (rear), both stereo paired and grouped be a good setup for TV viewing?...I've read that if I use a playbar, the subwoofers are turned off in the P5s, however, with just 2 of each P1s and P5s, are the speakers working at full spec?

Thanks in advance
(Oh, on a side line....are there any rumours that a P1 2nd gen will be introduced soon?)

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2 replies

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I would move the play5 to another room and buy a bunch of play1 for the big room. Start with one in each corner and add more if you feel you need more coverage. Also I would use play1 with the soundbar. Play5 is over kill. Kris:)
Hi Barneyooo,

I recently purchase some sonos (2xP5, 2xP3, Playbar, Connect Amp) and I can tell you the P5 for surround would be (IMHO) an "Over-kill". The P3 are almost too much. But, as you mentioned I use the P5 for music exclusively and the connect:AMP are powering some B&W's. I will be investing in a few more Connect Amps (3) to power some in wall speakers.

So far the "looks" pleases the wife and the sound it's almost at par to the dolby ATmos (free standing wired) solution that it recently replaced.