PLAY:3 or Two PLAY:1's?

  • 15 April 2016
  • 29 replies

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29 replies

I had planned on purchasing two Play 3s for the tears in my 5.1 Surround (already have Playbar, Sub, and connect) but if I understand you correctly, you are saying to get two Play 1s?
In this specific case, only because the 3 units are an overkill; the 1 units are all that is needed for the demands of the rear surround application. The 3 units will do all that the 1 would, but no more - why then spend more?
I'm new to the game here, so bear with me...Is it the stereo separation driving the recommendations to purchase two Play:1s instead of a single Play:3? I would assume that the Play:1s would have very anemic bass and (relatively) tinny sound due to their size and lack of a radiator.

Perhaps you should try listening to them before you make that kind of judgment?
2 Play:1s and it's not even agree. Play 3 do not have the sound quality of play 1's
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no two Play:1s will always beat a single play:3

My order
Single Play:1
Single Play:3
Double Play:1
Single Play:5
Double Play:3
Double Play:5
Double Play:1 with Sub
Double Play:3 with Sub
Double Play:5 with Sub