Play 3 or Play 5

I have a 13m x 5m double volume room that I want to purchase speakers for. Would the 2 Play:3's be enough or do I need the Play:5's.

I've also heard the play 5 are being discontinued and they are bring out a Play:7. When will this be happening?

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If you have the budget and the patience to wait till the new 5 units are launched, that's the way to go. Expected launch before the end of 2015 is all I have gathered. Ought to be available in time for the December shopping frenzy.
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I have a 10m x 10m high ceiling room and have a single Play5 and sub and unless you want full party/concert mode it's more than enough for that space but without the stereo.

I have a new zone to fill shortly and will probably buy 2 of the new play 5's and see how they compare with the Play5/sub.

If you want stereo you could go 2xPlay1 plus Sub or 2xPlay5. I don't see much point in Play3 these days
I don't really need the stereo but I want the flexibility to move one of the speakers outside when the weather is good.

Was also thinking of getting a Play 3 for a small room, reason not getting the Play 1 is I also want to be able to move that speaker outside when weather permits and I though the Play 1 would get lost outside. does that sound correct?
With no room reinforcement outside, I suspect both 1 and 3 would do equally poorly or equally well. I don't see any need to spend more on a 3 for that reason.


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