Play 3 or (2) Play 1's

  • 18 January 2018
  • 3 replies

Want to add speakers to my dining room / bar. It's not a big room just normal size formal dining room. What would you say is better (1) Play:3 or (2) Play:1's? I'm listening to (2) Play:1's now cause that's what I have in the house...but I have never hear what Play:3 sounds like in comparison. Let me know what you think is better set up. Thanks!

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3 replies

I prefer stereo separation, so I'd go with the two PLAY:1s.
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I have a single Play:1 in my dining room and I think a single Play:1 is fine in there. I think 2 Play:1s would be overkill.

A Play:3 - if you feel a single Play:1 is not enough then yea I would recommend the Play:3. It's not a huge different vs. the Play:1 just a little more low end in my opinion (especially if placed toward a corner).
A play 1 pair. In my book, as long as the stereo image can be heard, stereo always wins. Except outdoors, where the listening areas are usually much larger than the stereo sweet spot.