Play 1 vs 3 for 5.1 system

I'm planning a bar and want to setup a 5.1 system with a Playbar, Sub and either Play 1 or Play 3 rear speakers. The room is about 14x17 feet with 3 walls (back wall open). I plan to watch sports and play music, but nothing obscenely loud.

I'm wondering if the Play 3 will provide any additional benefit(s) from the Play 1 as rear speakers in this system? Is there an additional bass boost with the 3's?

Any opinions would be appreciated. TIA

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yes, i will probably end up with a pair of play 5's in the downstairs loo at this rate, just to say ive got some 😃
Lastly, i have the sonos play one in the kitchen next to the lounge, do i buy another 2 x play ones or will 2x play 1's be better for the rear speakers ? last question before i buy x
Oh, sure, you promise it's the last question.... :)

To be honest, since they're the same price (or essentially so), I'd got with Sonos Ones versus PLAY:1s. They'd be more "future proof" in the long run.
Thank you for your help , looking forward to getting it set up now