Play 1 or play 5

  • 2 August 2018
  • 1 reply

Hey guys I have the following setup

Playbar sub and 2 x play 1

2x play one

Here is the question I am going to put more speakers upstairs this wil definitely be the new beam in the master bedroom however for the other rooms including office I will need another 3 speakers.
So question is do I buy 3 x play 1 or 3 x one or replace the two play 1s in the lounge with play 5s and buy an extra play one to finish off

Hope that makes sense

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1 reply

I think at this point, you're better off getting a Sonos One, rather than a PLAY:1, if that's part of the equation.

If the two PLAY:1s are set up as surrounds, I wouldn't bother to replace them with PLAY:5s. I don't think the real benefit of the PLAY:5 shines when it is used as a surround speaker. But I would be tempted, in your case, to put a PLAY:5 in the kitchen, and then move those two speakers (PLAY:1 or Sonos Ones? It can't be both :)) upstairs for use.

I'm a bigger fan of either Ones or PLAY:1s in stereo pairs than I am with them singly, although I have 2 or 3 set up singly myself. Just sounds better as a stereo pair. I like separation.

At the end of the day, though, it's up to what sounds good to you. I can tell you how I feel, but it's your ears that need to be satisfied, not mine. 🙂