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  • 16 October 2019
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So I've got 2 Play 1’s and a Soundbar. I believe the new 1’s can't be configured together with the old Play 1’s. I'm going to buy another set of old Play 1’s. They're a bit cheaper, I don't care about Alexa so don't really need the One or One SL. I mean if the Play 1’s are still in good condition then why would I want to replace them.

Am I doing the right thing? If anyone has upgraded and wants to offload a pair of Play 1’s please let me know. Are the new One’s so much better?

Is it the One’s or One SL’s that aren't compatible with the Play One’s? I don't mind buying a more recent pair as long as they pair together.

Thank you




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1 reply

This thread might be useful to answer your questions:


[url=] Sonos One vs. PLAY:1 reference[/url].