Pair Ones With Sub Vs Pair Fives

  • 12 July 2020
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I currently have a stereo pair of Ones which I use solely for music (3x4m room).

Wondering whether to add a used sub or sell the Ones and get pair of Fives.

So, what do people think is best for music - two Ones with Sub or two Fives (no sub)?


Paul 😀

4 replies

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Hi @Daddyfish, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

For the inquiry, It depends on your preference and the room the Sonos speaker will be staying in.

The Sonos Fives are big speakers, more powerful than the Sonos Ones. 

Since it’s a small room the Fives might be too powerful unless you want that; I see no reason not to get the Fives.

If you really want an in-depth recommendation, I would suggest contacting our Sales team for suggestions.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.


Thank you

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Thank you

Hi IMHO a pair of ones with a sub sounds better than a pair of fives. I have not heard the new gen 5 though. 


Thank you 😀