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Hi, first post - I don't own any Sonos yet. Thanks in advance.

I live in a 800sq/ft top floor condo, my kitchen and living room are the same room. How about a Play:5 on top of my kitchen cabinets and a One on a stand in my living room? Maybe add a Play:1 later on. Let me know what you think!

Easy listening to music
Don't want to bother the neighbours
Spotify on Samsung Tablet and S7

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I'd actually swap them. Put the Sonos One on the cabinets, and the PLAY:5 in the living room.
Thanks Airgetlam, I could try that. In either configuration, does it seem like an ok idea? I guess I want to know if the Bass from the Play:5 along with the paired One stereo effect might be ok. Alexa isn't available in Canada yet but it supposed to be soon so I might as well buy a One speaker.
My ears aren't your ears, so it's hard for me to say for sure. But sure, that sounds like a good plan to me.
I spoke to the online chat assistant, they say yes its possible to have a One and Play:5 but they couldn't pair in stereo, a Play:1 and One cannot pair in stereo either, and although that was not my main concern I did finally find a thread about pairing a similar configuration to my original post that raises some concern. I think I will have to leave Alexa for another time and just go with 1 Play:5 for now, if I do end up trying it i'll update this thread.


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