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  • 14 October 2019
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Please bear with me if my question is dumb, I've only just started looking into this.

I have a pair of powered audioengine5, connected with an Airport Express which have been serving me very well. I have recently noted a buzz/hum which I'm not sure was there before (I have disconnected them for a while during furniture change) and I'm looking into ways to solve it and I thought the Port might do the trick. In addition I would like to add speakers in other rooms around the apartment. For those other rooms I'm considering an SL since I don't want to get anywhere near voice assistants. So my two questions to you are:

1) can I connect the audioengines to the Port without it being physically connected to my router (it's farther away)? Will it work and does it make sense? I realize that with the price tag it might be a bit overkill... I don't think the audioengines cost me that much (around 10 years ago). Basically I would like the audioengines to be part of my multi-room streaming set-up. I know Airfoil for Mac should be able to do that, but that doesn't rid me of the buzz.

2) Does the Port have any sort of built-in assistant or is it just assistant-ready? I'm really not comfortable with always-on microphones.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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First of all, have you tried plugging in another audio source directly into the audioengine5s in case the buzz is from the speakers, not the AE?

The Port should work, but as you note, it might be overkill. It depends on how much you like the sound of the audioengines5, as well as how long they will last. For less than the price of the Port, you can buy two Sonos One SLs to set-up in stereo instead of the audioengine5s, and add additional SLs in other rooms whenever you want. I don't know how the SLs compare with the audioengine5s. Both the Port and SLs have Airplay 2.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, the Port can be connected via WiFi.
  2. No, the Port does not have a voice assistant built-in.
+1 the advice given by @danjrichards .
Thank you both for the prompt reply.

I haven't yet had the opportunity to make comparisons, but the Audioengines work well for my needs and it just seems a major waste to box them up and no longer use them. On the other hand 2 extra SLs definitely cheaper and less bulk. I'll try and see if I can solve the buzz problem otherwise. It seems to be caused by the Ethernet cable, iPhone connected direcly to the Audioengines with 3,5 mm jack does not cause it.
Get two SLs from Sonos. Return them if you aren't impressed for full refund. If you like them buy more and sell current speakers.
Does this buzz track the Volume control?

Are you using the same power outlets as before the furniture shuffle? Try reversing the orientation of the power connections if possible. Also, if possible, use the same outlet for the Audioengines and the Airport.

Obviously, we cannot rule out an Airport failure.
Hi buzz,

thank you for your message.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "track the volume control": whether the buzz increases by increasing volume? It does.

Same power outlets. Orientation: again, not sure what you mean. Reverse orientation how?

The airport is plugged into the audioengines, they were wi-fi ready, made with the AE in mind. I can attach a pic later.


 This is what it looks like.


I'll think about the buying and selling option, I’ll try an SL soon.

Given the no quibble money back gusranter from Sonos, I would suggest getting a pair, setting them up in stereo, them seeing which speakers you prefer. Give it a reasonable trisl as there is a natural tendency to prefer what you are used to.

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Using the money back guarantee is a good suggestion, because audio sounds different to everyone, but unless the SLs are phenomenally better than the Play:1s, they're not gonna hold a candle to Audioengines. I have a pair of Kanto YU5s, which are a peer to the Audioengines, and none of my Sonos individual speakers or pairs can touch them. 

But - that's MY opinion.  The money back guarantee makes testing them a no lose option. 



If the buzz level follows the current Volume control setting, then the buzz is being injected in the signal path before the Volume control that you are using. You can use this observation to eliminate some of the boxes in the path.

Yes, “reversing the orientation” of power plugs in this context means flipping the plugs in their outlet. You will not be able to do this with the Audioengine, I don’t recall if you can do this with AE.

If the AE has a WiFi connection, as a temporary test, remove the network connection and check for the buzz. Also, as a temporary test, use a power extension cord for the AE.