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We are about to have a new kitchen installed at home and are looking to have a Sonos system fitted. I will list what i have been told so far to buy but need some advise to confirm this is correct.

Sonos Connect Amp
Sonos Sub
Sonos Playbar
2 x 8" ceiling speakers but i don't no what make or model to buy?

My aim is to have the playbar & sub in the living room working in conjunction with my TV & the ceiling speakers fitted into the kitchen/dinning room but if possible when required have music playing in both rooms being streamed and controlled by either iphone or ipads.

Will this work and has anyone got any advise on the ceiling speakers as i believe this is my only real concern.

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I had some of the Polk in my last house and was pretty happy with them as a moderate priced Speaker

From list below as a reference I kinda like the Polk MC80

Of course I always like going somewhere I can listen to them side by side. Its all about personal preference.

Yes you will be able to play both rooms independently. When playing TV the kitchen speakers will be ever so slightly delayed from the TV speakers. Giving slight echo/stadium effect with TV. But with music from Sonos app the Playbar and the kitchen will be in sync as they should be.
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How about some monitor audios
RS should set them up for a demo, and always nice to buy a product made up the road from me in Rayleigh ;O)
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I don't see why you would want a Playbar in the kitchen. That is supposed to be for TVs.

A sub seems like overkill to me but you could get one.

It would either be:

1. A pair of SONOS speakers (either Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5 depending on budget) plus a sub. You don't need a Connect if you have speakers from SONOS.


2. A Connect plus two non-SONOS speakers and a sub.
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He is putting the Playbar and Sub in the Living Room. The kitchen has the ceiling speakers.

Nice system.
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Oops. Got it.


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