New user / new to Sonos with prewired house and an Echo

  • 12 April 2019
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I have a newly constructed home where 8 individual speaker wires terminate in a central closet. 4 of those wires run to the living room, 2 to MBR and 2 outside. I have no equipment at the moment other than an Echo.
I saw the conversation from a year ago on a similar topic where geo8 provided advice when the user was starting with a Sonos Connect. What Sonos product, AVR, controller and wall mount speakers are recommended for this project from scratch? Please list the equipment. Many thanks!

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3 replies

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Hi Patrickhalbert

Congrats on the new home!

If you intend to go ALL Sonos the only product to use to power whichever speakers you decide upon is the Sonos Amp. FYI, Sonos has interior and exterior speakers that can be wired and used with the Sonos Amp. The Connect:AMP has been discontinued unless you can still find one new or used.

If you intend to employ a 3rd party AV Receiver to power any of the speakers then there is another Sonos option that might be employed_the Sonos Connect.

Please answer the following questions as best you can:

All rooms (This needs to be answered for each room.)
Are speakers going to be in-ceiling or in-wall or outboard?

Will the area be covered or exposed to elements?

Living Room
Are they going to be used for music or TV audio or both and will any of them be used for surround?

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So, you're the target customer for the Sonos Amp or Connect:Amp. Where are the speaker wires in the living room situated - are they located specifically for surround sound, or are they generically located for stereo?