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  • 16 September 2020
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Disclaimer: Recently purchased a new home and current novice to Sonos ecosystem, however interested to create a multi-room environment.

I have recently purchased a new home with in-ceiling speakers/sub set up in the living room (5.1) and patio (2 in-ceiling speakers). The current systems came with the property (including AV receiver set up to our Smart TV, Cable box, Apple TV, etc.). I currently do not own any sonos products, however am very interested in creating a multi-room environment with the sonos platform. In doing so, I have short term and long term goals with the property’s systems - short term is to utilize the current AV system to connect/stream music from my smart devices (Iphone) with long term goals of setting up a multi-room system (dining room, pool table room, office, outdoor firepit & pool). 

I came across the port and was interested in the functionality, primarily to kick-start a sonos ecosystem, however unsure if it would be suitable for my current system and long-term wants. If someone could please provide some advice it would be greatly appreciated!



2 replies

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The Port will bring Sonos functionality (playing Spotify etc. or your own music from a computer) to an amp that does not provide this. It will also connect the non-Sonos amp to other Sonos speakers and lets you group all speakers and the Port for multiroom use.

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Hi @JSpan.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us.

I could not agree more with @106rallye. Let me share with you the link to the Sonos Port that has all the information about its functionality, limitation, and specification. Sonos Port is not part of the Sonos Home theater Family. Here is the list of the Sonos devices and the corresponding links to their functionality, limitation, and specification that are capable of connecting directly to your TV.

  1. Sonos Beam
  2. Sonos Playbar
  3. Sonos Playbase
  4. Sonos Amp
  5. Sonos Arc

I hope this helps.

Please let us know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.