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  • 28 July 2020
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Hi all. 

I'm new to the whole multi room speaker set up and also new to Sonos.

I have a small 3 bedroom house. I'm after speakers for the Small living room and small kitchen downstairs.

Also speakers for the main bedroom and very small main bathroom.

I already own an echo dot which is used in the kitchen to listen to music although it's bad quality.

I also own a bluetooth/line out record player which I would eventually like to connect in the living room. I did wonder though if the sonos 5 would be too much for a small space?


Can you recommend an ideal set up please


Many thanks in advance 




2 replies

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Hi @Meddyuk76, Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community. Regarding your concern about recommended set up for Sonos, We can wait for feedback from our Sonos community users on what would best suit your house, because there is a lot of possible setups. Also, on your question about the Bluetooth or line out or record player. The Sonos Five would be great even for a small space. But it still depends on your preference.

Let us know how you get on with the advice above.

We're here to answer any further questions you have.

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Hi there, you haven’t mentioned if you want to include home cinema in your small living room. If you do, then you could consider an Arc or Beam in there linked to your TV (dependant on TV age and connections). This would give you a single box solution for home theatre and listening to music. If you are happy with the existing TV sound and aren’t wanting a home cinema setup, then a Five could be a good option as this will allow you to connect your record deck. An Arc or Beam would need a Port adding to the system to allow the record deck to be connected.

For the kitchen, main bedroom and bathroom, if it is unlikely that you would want to listen in more than one room at a time, you could consider a single Move and just move it to the required room as needed. Leave the charging base in the room where you would use it most. The Move also has a Bluetooth input so you could I guess connect your Bluetooth/line in record player to it, if you wanted to listen to vinyl in those rooms. Not sure on the Bluetooth range though. When used in Bluetooth mode, Moves will only work as a single speaker and as far as I am aware you have no control over the speaker from the Sonos App. When used through the App and on wi-fi, you can set up a stereo pair of Moves. Something to consider if you ever wanted to add a second one in the future. You would.t be able to use them in stereo and connect your record deck at the same time, unless you added a Port.


A thought. Depending on the Sonos return policy in your country, why not order a single Move and try it in each of your rooms. Particularly if you aren’t interested in setting up a home theatre system. One Move in a small room is quite impressive and it may be OK on it’s own for your living room. If one Move works, you may find it is all you need. Just move it to each of your rooms as required. How big is your largest room? You could also test the single Move to see if it works OK with your Bluetooth record deck.