New Home Setup

  • 8 March 2017
  • 2 replies

Trying to determine which speakers are right for my setup. I am looking to setup Sonos with my existing home theater (thinking Connect) and also three other rooms and outside under by covered patio. Please let me know how much more information I need to provide. Be easy on me I'm a noob 😃

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2 replies

I'll offer some suggestions, but take them with a grain of salt, nothing competes with your own research and direct knowledge.

The Connect is an excellent device to put your current home theater system in tune with the Sonos ecosystem. Once you connect the Connect (and yes, I hate typing that as much as you hate reading it, silly name for the device) to your system, you'll be able to stream anything Sonos streams across your current setup.

The extra rooms, you have multiple choices. Play:1s, Play:3s, or Play:5s. With or without the Sub, depending on how your ears work and your musical tastes. Many people here on the boards like a pair of Play:1s set up as a stereo pair, and bonded to a Sub, which allows the widest possible "stage" and pretty good acoustics. The Play:5 is the "top" of the line, and depending on your tastes, may or may not need a Sub to go with them. By the way, in many cases, you don't "have to" have a stereo pair. For instance, I've got an older Play:5 in my computer room which works outstandingly well, but a pair of Play;1s in my kitchen. I could interchange them easily, it really boils down to where you feel you do "critical" listening. I had that Play:5 in my kitchen for years until I moved, and then just hung the pair of Play:1s, since I'm now actually eating in the breakfast nook, which is part of my kitchen.

Sonos doesn't make a true "outside" speaker, although the Play:1s are made to be "moisture resistant". I've had a Play:1 in my bathroom for years, and it sounds as good today as it did the day it was purchased. None of their other devices are called out as being moisture resistant, and certainly nothing is water resistant. Many people here seem to use a Connect:Amp indoors, and run wires out to speakers that are designed and built to be outdoors. As a random thought, if you were to hang a speaker in a true outdoor environment, and something went wrong, I don't think that Sonos would be very willing to do a lot of support. But the specs (operating temps, etc,) are available here on this website, under the sales area.

Hope that at least helps, and pushes you to do some more research on your own. And keep reading these boards, there are a lot of topics similar to this one (particularly with regard to outdoor speakers), which you should be able to find.

Best of luck, and feel free to ask if you'd like more info. There's a wide variety of pretty intelligent folks who read these boards fairly regularly.
Wow! Thanks for all of that information. I think for my listening style the Play:1s (stereo) would do the trick. Thanks!